My name is Candi Cooper. I am a mother of two beautiful and wild children. I have learned a great deal about children, by having two of my own and it has taught me how to take care in photographing them. A photo session with children can be planned and setup, but the best session is where I can capture their characters as they explore, and make it a fun session for them. Most of my sessions I am playing, making funny noises, and joking. Oh, anything to get them to laugh and it also makes us all laugh as well. We are all children by heart and a photo session is a creative and fun experience.

My style is traditional portrait and studio style, using lights and props. In the studio I can create unique and boutique style portraits or just a simple setup. I have a traveling studio and can come to you or I have a small studio setup for babies and small children within my home.  Most of my family portraits are photographed outdoors. I do not leave my studio without my lighting equipment. I am not a natural light photographer. I believe you can create more to photographs and the capture than just photographing the scene as is. Photography means the study of light, in all different forms. Lighting adds mood and drama. As a professional, I balance natural light and artificial light, in order to make images more unique and bold.

Artist Bio:
I have a love for music, traveling, and the performing arts. As I love to photograph weddings, families, and baby portraits, I also work in the fine art genre and produce my own fine art concepts. I have been working on several projects with underwater portraiture, fire dancers, tattoo artists, performing artists, and circus performances. Using my skills from Academy of Art University, I like to blend my visions of elaborate scenes integrating fashion and fine art.